Pet Surgery

Trust Severna Park Veterinary Hospital for precise pet surgeries, combining advanced medical care, individualized treatment plans, and post-operative support for a healthier, happier furry friend.

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Pet Surgery in Severna Park, MD

Dog wearing a surgical cone

At Severna Park Veterinary Hospital, we perform a variety of surgeries from routine spays, neuters, mass removals, and dental surgery, to other more complex procedures. Our team believes every surgery patient warrants an individual care plan, quality medicine, and compassionate care before, during, and after surgery. Your pet will be monitored from the moment they arrive on surgery day to the time they depart by our compassionate and caring staff.

Before surgery, we start with a physical exam and blood work to ensure that your pet is healthy before undergoing anesthesia. We place intravenous (IV) catheters in each patient to provide a fast delivery system for any medications or fluids needed during surgery. During surgery, we use equipment as sophisticated as that in a human hospital to monitor your pet’s heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, temperature, and other vitals.

After surgery, one of our veterinary nurses stays with your pet until they are fully awake to ensure they come out of anesthesia relaxed and pain-free. Each patient is sent home with appropriate pain control or other medications if needed as well as written discharge instructions for a smooth and comfortable recovery.  We are only an email, text, or call away if you have any questions before surgery, while your pet is here, or once you go home.