Pet Euthanasia and End-of-Life Care

Severna Park Veterinary Hospital offers compassionate end-of-life care, providing quality assessments, sedation, and peaceful options for a gentle farewell to your beloved pet.

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Pet Euthanasia and End-of-Life Care in Severna Park, MD

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As pet owners, one of the most difficult things to do is deciding when it’s the right time to say goodbye. When this time comes near, our team aims to provide a compassionate quality-of-life assessment and tools to help you make the best choice for your pet. We strive to cure, relieve, and to comfort always and see euthanasia as an ease of suffering for a beloved family member. The service we provide includes sedation for your pet’s comfort, assistance from our highly trained, caring staff to make sure your pet’s passing is as peaceful as possible, and options for cremation.